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Our philosophy

  • The philosophy of the Academy is based on the words of the legend of FC Spartak, whose name is given to the Spartak personnel training center, Fyodor Fyodorovich Cherenkov «Live soccer, play and win beautifully!»
  • Academy students are the core of the process: the work of all departments and staff is aimed at bringing up smart players with a deep understanding of the game, developed physically and equipped technically, able to solve any technical and tactical problems, regardless of the game team model. The methods used by the Academy are aimed at the development of mental, physical and technical skills, corresponding to different stages of development of a young player.
  • education: not lower than secondary
  • At the same time, the development of the modern soccer player must be comprehensive. The Academy pupils must be distinguished by a deep understanding of the game and intelligence, and not just soccer. The Academy's task is not just to train a high-class soccer player, but to bring up an integral and harmonious personality. Soccer achievements are at the top of the pyramid, which is based on personal development, education, self-discipline and psychological preparedness.
  • The basic values for Spartak Academy students are respect for Spartak traditions, history and club veterans, spectacular play, high individual skill, game intelligence in every episode, team ownership of the ball, dedication at every moment of the match and training, discipline on and off the field, respect for partners, fans and opponents, dignity in defeats and victories.