What is Spartak Event Team?

This is temporary staff that provides a certain range of services, mainly on the days of events, for FC Spartak Moscow or the Otkritie Bank Arena stadium on the basis of a service agreement.

We at SPARTAK EVENT TEAM are glad to accept sociable and ambitious people into our ranks for the position of controller - manager (hereinafter referred to as the "steward"). A steward is an integral part of a football match, whose main task is to create not only a safe, but also a comfortable stay for guests at the stadium. A steward is the main link in the security system of any sports arena.

Depending on the area of responsibility, stewards are conditionally divided into the following categories:

Being a steward of FC Spartak Moscow is not only an opportunity to get additional income, it is an interesting hobby, new friends, as well as prospects for further development in the Club!

steward in the parking lotsteward on inspectionsteward at the entrancesteward in the standssteward on the fieldVIP area stewardsenior stewardsupervisor

To become part of our team, you need to do a few simple steps:


According to the Order of the Ministry of Sports No. 997 dated October 30, 2015 "On approval of requirements for organizations providing special training for controllers and issuing certificates of controllers" and the Agreement on the delegation of rights with the Russian Football Union, FC Spartak Moscow is an organization that trains stewards.

Questions and answers

What can I do to become a steward of the Otkritie Arena stadium?

First you need to REGISTER

How many hours does the event last?

From 5 to 7 hours. Despite the fact that the duration of the match is shorter, it is necessary to get together in advance, get equipment and meals, undergo a briefing, and familiarize yourself with the place where services are provided.

If I am 17 years old, can I become a steward?

Unfortunately no. The main requirement for the candidate is at least 18 years of age.

If I am not registered in Moscow, can I be a steward?

You can. The requirement under the law is the citizenship of the Russian Federation, without reference to the place of registration.

Does the service agreement oblige participation in every stadium event?

No, it doesn't. You will receive notifications with an invitation to provide services at the match using the methods of communication specified in the questionnaire. By confirming your participation by replying, you express your consent. If you have not sent an application, then we simply do not count on you.

What should be the dress code?

All stewards are provided with a uniform, although we also have our own dress code. You will be told more about this in training.

Is there any payment for my services? And how will I get them?

Yes, sure. In accordance with the duties performed. At the end of the month, taking into account the number of events, you will be paid a reward.

Am I required to take training?

Yes. To become a steward and have a state-issued certificate, you need to undergo special training under the RFU program at our own training and recruiting center at the Stadium.

Can girls be stewards?

Of course, yes. In some positions, female stewards are required to take part in the organization of the event. This is especially true for the positions of stewards at the viewing points of spectators and in the VIP areas.




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